Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pre-Release Book Reception

I had my pre-release book reception yesterday at the Country Inn & Suites hotel here in Conyers, GA.  I wanted this event to be a celebration of this accomplishment and to get the word out about my new book.
I send out about about 60 invitations - I used evite  - to friends, co-workers and neighbors and about 35 people showed up.  We had a blast.  I gave a little speech about my book and read an excerpt from it. I then had a question and answer session about the book. A wonderful experience for me because I got to practise speaking about my book and delivering the message of the book to others. I even had a guest who was staying at the hotel to stop and ask questions about the event which I felt great about.  At the end of the night I sold 20 books. Thank You Jesus.

I tried not to overspend on the function so I only served light refreshment of cake and drink.  I had a local printing company to make a  banner and a blown up cover of the book.  They did an excellent job.  Now I will be able to use them whenever I have a book signing. They added to nice touch to the room along with balloons.  For a giveaway I had some mouse pads with the book cover on it.  I need to order some more of those - they are a great give away item.  I had also ordered some pens to give away but they did not come in time yesterday.  I got them today in the mail so I will have them for the next time.

The only thing I did not have that I wanted was media coverage. In the small community that I live in I probably would have gotten it too. My marketing rep went on vacation and even though he got my event listed on Tate's Event Calendar, I was not contact by my assigned Publicist. I am waiting to speak to my marketing rep to see what went wrong there. 

I enjoyed the evening and I would advise authors to go ahead and have one.  Getting the word out is important and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Books have arrived

The UPS truck pulled up at around 6:15 pm and delivered my first order of books.  Hallelujah!!! It came one day earlier than expected. I love the efficiency of UPS.  I am so elated. I took pictures right away - to keep to post to my website once it gets ready - and counted the books.  WOW.  Now here comes the hard part I am thinking: getting these books into the hands of readers.  I had a few pre-orders that I had received so I started to get my mailing all ready.  I had gotten all my mailing supplies ready so I was ready to go.

I signed a few books and I am going to get them all signed by this weekend because I believe I am going to sell them all soon. Thank You Jesus.  I would be happy if I sell at least most of them before my book launch reception which is planned for March 22nd. I want the reception to be more a celebration of where God has brought me so far and to create a buzz about my book. 

This is my second book I am publishing, my first being self-published.  This experience has been wonderful and I want to send kuddos to the staff at Tate Publishing.  Great team of workers!

Well let the marketing begin...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Book Review

Here is the first book review.  It was done by a fellow author Jim Hughes:

Withstanding the Winds, a devotional book by author Charmain Griffiths, is a book written from the heart. Charmain shares from her life experiences what she has learned and is learning in her faith walk. If you are looking for an honest look at life and how one’s faith affects it, you will benefit from reading, Withstanding the Winds. Charmain uses a conversational style in her writing. She shares what the Spirit reveals to her heart. While not everyone is going to agree with everything that is said, the reader will find many treasures here. Sometimes the deepest truths are discovered through the hard knocks of life.

Jim Hughes

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Withstanding the Winds at

Pre-release and Marketing

Wonderful, Wonderful..this is just how I feel.  I heard from my marketing rep yesterday by way of email.  He sent me a lot of valuable information and a lot of forms I needed to complete and return to him.  He also sent me information about  ordering books.  wonderful!!!.  I don't how much is a good number to order but I will figure something out.

I am still not finalized about when and where I am going to have my launch party.  It's not that I am indecisive but in my little town my options of venues are limited. I think I am going to wait until my book arrives and then move from there. I have several business places in mind for pre-sales signings and I am still working with my marketing rep how to set them up.  wonderful.!!

Today, I received the link for pre-ordering of my book on the tate publishing website.  Just to see it made me feel one step closer to the finish line.  I can hardly wait to hold the books in hand.  Here is the link:

I posted the link on my facebook page and invited my friends to preorder from Tate or me (preferably me, since I stand to gain a higher return then).  I also offered a discount for anyone willing to purchase more than one copy and free shipping to any location.  wonderful!!!

Well here comes the hard part.  Marketing I am told is a different kind of beast because of the fierce competition but I am confident that He who started a good work in me will complete it.  Of course I have to do my part and work but when I have done my best I am then leaving it in God's hand.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Final Draft

Yesterday I received the final draft of the book.  It was the completed book itself and the moment was emotional.  To hold in my hand the accumlation of months of work seemed unreal.  Beautiful. Tate Publishing did a great job.  I am very pleased and I had to lift my hands to Heaven and tell God, thank you.

My mind is working a mile a minute now as I visualize the book in hands of others.  My deepest prayer is that this book will help someone who is feeling down, or save a life that feels that there is no hope and no reason to keep on living.  I want my readers to be blessed and so now I am thinking about how to get as many books as possible into the right hands.

So where do I go from here?  I am reading my book again..looking any last minute items that might have been missed.  Then I should be hearing from the Marketing Team from Tate Publishing.  I am also going to host a Book Release Party once the book is officially released.  I am already looking for a venue and getting my guest list ready.